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Saturday, August 7, 2010

happy !!

m very happy t0day bcoz he's coming back from perak t0day !! he3 missing him damn much...plan to do assignment together...huh hope it is work becoz salu nye xjd..haha ble jmpe ad je byk cte..pdhl tiap2 mngu je pn jmpe..mcg lg...mcm la xley cte kn ?? haha tp 2 la org bercinte..hik2..huh bout assignment got many things t0 d0...hope cn finish all them by 2morow..with my hubby...hehe

yabedabeduuuu...he's on da way to shah alam rite now..hehe bt where is it 2 do asgment ek ? shah alam or other places ?? huhu..wateva yg pnting dpt jmpe hubby...hepi2 ni bru pas tgk cte laila asyikin..cdih gle cte dye...huhu stiap hri jmaat ak akn dnlod 3 episod laila asyikin n hri sabtu ak dnlod cte janji kekasih....walaaaaa...layannnn...;)

kanda swoh pkcik bus 2 bwk laju2 tp berhati2 tw..
lurve u !! ♥

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