" Always remember to slow down in life ; live, breathe, and learn ; take a look around you whenever you have time and never forget everything and every person that has the least place within your heart. ".

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

--before paper--

1 p0st before 2nd paper tomorrow (advanced database)..
humm td email sir coz dye x ltk pn marks for LAB 2...
n now he had update the marks...
thx sir...u r very kind a..he3
so everyb0dy..plz wish me luck ok ?? plz n plz...he3
especially my kanda hafiz ahmad...(u r COMPULSARY to do dat)..
compulsary too to my dad n m0m..i really need your prayer...

b0th of u mama n ab0h
u t0o kanda hafiz ahmad

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