" Always remember to slow down in life ; live, breathe, and learn ; take a look around you whenever you have time and never forget everything and every person that has the least place within your heart. ".

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

-- dissap0inted --

ohh hy everyb0dy...
yah my mo0d now is very dissapointing..
why ? because i dah ready for today's presentation and suddenly..........
madam cakap dye ade meeting pulak...
so the rest will continue tomorrow...
hari ni pun baru je lapan orang yang dah present..
so tomorrow i have book to be the number one presenting ! hahaha greedy ! or selfish ??
ahh what so ever...i dah malas nak tunggu lama2...
and madam also said she is very pleased to the volunteer !
wah i like it...
and juz now its end up makan nasi ayam penyet lagi kat mahallah aminah with my two friends..
after finish eating borak2 sampai pkul 3 !
emmm its okey la coz my KANDA is very busy with his buah hati !
reply mesej pon pndek2 je ! huh ! annoying !
whatever lah i dun mind...
nanti da siap sume keje dye tu of coz he will find me back !!
i know him la...hehe
i know m the reason of u still breathing...hahaha how come u can ignore me..huh !
ok lah dats all for today's forecast and weather (hik3 =P)

yawn....huargggggghhhh !!

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